Patented, proved, approved! Thanks to a big number of positive feedback by Veterinaries and Vet-Physiotherapists, the biko® Canine PhysioBrace is able to say so. 



  • Movement disorder of the hind limbs, caused by various clinical pictures
  • Increasing Problems by getting up
  • Myatrophy (Atrophy of the muscles)
  • Unsteady Gait (mainly hind limbs)
  • postoperative rehabilitation after joint-surgical intervention


  • Obvious and  persistent improvement of the gait-performance
  • Reflex-Training
  • Reduction of falls
  • Reduction of atactic movements
  • Reduction of toe-grinding (proprioceptive deficit)
  • Prevents from wide striding backwards (increasing muscle work to stretch the biko® Canine PhysioBrace)
  • Muscle Growth