biko® Equine Physio Brace  Set

The biko Equine PhysioBrace Set consists of:

  • 1 pair flexible Braces Intensity 1
  • 1 pair flexible Braces Intensity 2
  • 1 pair Adapters
  • 1 pair Cuffs
  • 2 pair of safeties incl. leash
  • 1 Manual incl Training-Instructions


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biko® Replacement Braces

Depending on usage, the flexible Braces have a durability of 2-5 months.

You can order the flexible Braces pairwise in Intensity 1 or 2, for the Sizes 1-5.


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biko® Cuffs

The biko Cuffs can be also ordered pairwise separately in Size 1-4.


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biko® Safeties

You can also order the safties in pairs of 5 separately.


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biko® Equine PhysioBrace Dimension Chart

biko Dimension Chart
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