Due to the respectable success of the biko® Canine Physio Brace, the biko® Equine Physio Brace has been developed in a Cooperation of Dr. Andrea Wüstenhagen and myDogs.

The prototypes have been tested at different horses. The biko® Equine Physio Brace could be installed from a Pony up to a Noriker, from a riding horse up to a pain patient.


Goals of the training with the biko® Equine Phyio brace are vitalisation/activation of the hindquarters,  muscle growth at hindquarters and back, strengthening of the cranial femural muscles, stabilisation of the knee and the general improvement of motion sequences.

The biko® Equine Physio Brace can be used in training, in gymnastic of riding horses, while adjustment of obliqueness and in rehabilitation.



At the following deficits and abnormalities the usage of the biko® Equine Physio Brace makes sense:

  • weak hindquarter muscles
  • missing muscles of the frontal femural area 
  •  loose knee bands 
  • unstable knee
  • recurring problems at pelvis and lumbar column
  • pelvic obliquity
  • blockage at the lumbosacral junction
  • muscle tension
  • marked natural obliquity
  • relieving posture, wrong movement pattern
  • toe grinding
  • movement disorders of the hindquarters
  • Ataxia, Cauda equina Syndrom (diagnosed by and under supervision of a veterinarian)


The biko® Equine Physio Brace is a high effective training equipment, which should be used only by experienced person. The application has to be always adjusted to the reaction, the commitment and the motivation of the horse!